From Five-Steps to One-Step, Razorpay Unveils ‘Turbo UPI’, India’s Fastest Payment Solution RazorpayX Introduces Automated ESCROW+ Solution, Enables Instant & Secure Money Transfers for Businesses Demand for Specialized Gig Worker Headcount Increases by 21%, Amid 36% Hiring Dip in Last Six Months: RazorpayX Payroll Insights Razorpay Joins ONDC; Becomes First Payment Gateway to Launch Payment Reconciliation Service for Buyer and Seller Apps Razorpay Among 6 Indian Companies Featured in World’s Top 100 Unicorns: Hurun’s Global Unicorn Index 2023 In A First, RazorpayX Launches Forex Service For Founders To Maximise Foreign Funding (FDI) Inflow To India


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